Whenever I want to know something about character design, anatomy, digital painting or storyboard, I always reach for Mitch' ebooks.
Super easy tutorials that take you step by step! Well written and easy to follow.
The 'How to draw animal characters' ebook is perfect for beginners and helped me to improve my art a lot.
I've always been intimidated by anatomy of drawing characters. These books gave me the confidence I needed because they are easy to follow!
Shurooq Al Lawati

Latest ebooks

These are short links to the ebooks in my Gumroad shop

How to Draw Women + video
How to Draw with Procreate


These are short links to the ebooks in my Gumroad shop

The Complete Ebook + Video Bundle
!! All Time Access !!
The Complete Ebook bundle
!! All Time Access !!
How to draw Characters & Anatomy Bundle
How to draw Backgrounds bundle + video
How to Paint bundle
How to draw Animals bundle + video
Sketchbooks bundle + video
How to Start Drawing bundle
Mitch Leeuwe Brushes + video & workfile

Hi, I'm Mitch Leeuwe

As a freelance 2D-artist, I’m a specialist in visual development, character design & and creating environments for animation (feature & television), games (mobile & console), toys, comics, theme parks, and media.

My work is inspired by the cartoons, games, and animated movies from my childhood. I’ve built up experience by working for agencies, game studios, and animation studios since 2005. Besides my work as a freelance artist, I teach online drawing classes on Instagram and Patreon, which are supported by my eBooks (Gumroad) about different aspects of drawing. These lessons and eBooks are accessible for everybody, no matter what your level of drawing is.



How to draw a dog?

In this post I'm explaining how to draw a dog from scratch. This tutorial is…

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